Best LG TVs 2021.

Best LG TVs 2021.

One of the most advanced models in the current model line of the South Korean brand. The huge 65-inch panel is made using OLED technology, which means the picture here will be very bright, and the blacks will be really deep. However, all the shortcomings of the OLED screen are in place – the likelihood of burnout and some “acidity” of color rendering. The display resolution is 3840×2160 pixels, the TV can play high-definition video and update the picture at honest 100 Hz. Smart TV here runs proprietary webOS from LG.

It is a TV-optimized platform with a lot of applications. The number of interfaces and ports will suit any user. The TV for its size weighs a little – 21 kg, and is only 47 mm thick.

High-quality screen with maximum performance Progressive design.

55-inch TV with an interesting screen, made using LG’s proprietary technology. The 55SK8500 has an IPS display, but called Nano Cell. The Koreans do not disclose the details of this technology, mentioning only its advantages – improved color reproduction, wider dynamic range and wide viewing angle.

In many ways, the display can rival OLED in picture quality. The rest of the TV screen is a 4K matrix with a refresh rate of 100 Hz. There is also a smart TV webOS, which means there will be no problems with applications and the Internet. By the way, about the latter. Some users are complaining about Wi-Fi glitches and slow wired connections.

And LG, for some unknown reason, installed USB 2.0 ports on the modern model.

The Nano Cell’s screen delivers a great picture and is free from the disadvantages of OLED The high refresh rate of the picture makes the TV an excellent solution for gamers.

– There are questions about the speed of the Internet connection.

The 32-inch TV was introduced in 2017 but remains a great budget proposition today. An inexpensive TV has a good FullHD-matrix with good color reproduction. The device “out of the box” supports the standard of terrestrial digital television DVB-T2, which has been used for broadcasting in Russia.

But not without a fly in the ointment, which consists in a small number of ports and the absence of an audio jack, which is why you cannot connect your favorite headphones directly to the LG 32LJ500V.

Good screen Adequate value for the functionality.

– A poor set of interfaces for connections.

The 48.5-inch slim bezel TV looks like a balanced model for a wide range of customers. The display here is made using IPS technology and has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The viewing angle is 178 degrees, and the picture is updated at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Not without smart TV, for it there is also a 4 GB drive in the TV itself. In shortcomings, you can write down the moments on which the manufacturer saved. For example, the LG 49UK6200 does not have a 3.5mm audio jack, and the remote here is not a Magic Remote, which means that smart functions will not be easy to control.

Low price per size and 4K Smart TV without limits.

– An annoying economy on the audio jack and remote control.

One of the smallest 4K TVs available. 43 inches, IPS-matrix and low brightness of 200 cd / m2. The webOS operating system has all the advantages of the LG shell, and the TV’s performance is not satisfactory.

However, users often complain about the excessive thickness of the case, the classic remote control and flimsy-looking legs.

4K Review VIZIO SB3851 The Master Switch, resolution and high pixel density with a small diagonal Smart TV and Internet access.

– Low brightness of the display – Flimsy feet for placement on a horizontal surface.