The catalog of our online store is regularly updated with new products. It can be difficult to settle for one model, so we have prepared a list of recommendations that simplify the choice.

Determine the length, width, height and shape of the bed.

The length of the bed should be greater than the height of the people resting in it. Minimum headroom for comfortable sleep

Frame type.

There are two most common bed options:

With two backrests and two side panels. With four backs and four panels.

A podium or legs are used as supporting elements. Legless frames are more durable, but build quality is a big factor at this point. Reliable products are presented in the Interia online store, so even models with legs will last a long time. Pay attention to the material of the frame. The most durable options are made from metal alloys or solid wood.

But the brittle options include frames made of chipboard and similar materials.

Bed base type.

The base is a frame with flexible lamellas inside. The strength of the base depends on the number of lamellas.

Choosing a mattress.

In the Interia online store, you can immediately buy a bed with a mattress. Please note that the mattress is selected and adjusted to the size of the bed frame separately, therefore it is not included in the price indicated on the website. Perfect option

Why choose Interia Furniture Studio.

In any matter, we focus on the comfort of our clients. The Interia team can easily match the mattress to the size of the bed or adjust the bed to the size of the mattress. On request, we will add a linen box to the model, and the upholstery material is always chosen by the customer.

Manufacturing of the order begins the next day after the registration of the application.

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